Nodeep Kaur said after release, will go to the Singhu border and sit with farmers


After the release of Nodeep Kaur, who is fighting for the laborers in Haryana, has said that she will go to the Singhu border and sit with the farmers. Nodeep Kaur was released from Karnal. He was accused of being involved in violence during protests. He was released on Friday after getting bail in all three cases.

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Nodeep Kaur thanked everyone. She said that she thanks for the support from all over the world. I will keep fighting the battle even further. I will continue to work for such people. Kaur said that accused Shivkumar was not even present with him during the protest on January 12. He was beaten badly. Shivkumar’s fight is too much. Is very poor Not seen with one eye.

On not trying to spoil the law and order of the court, Kaur said that she never did anything like this. Kaur said, I will talk to my family members now. Singh will definitely go to the border and will definitely sit with the farmers. On the allegations of recovery, violence, Nodeep Kaur said that this matter is under consideration of the court, so I do not want to say more. Nodeep Kaur said that only after talking to her lawyer, she will reveal her strategy further.


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