No major changes in strain of coronavirus, will not affect the vaccine program: Center – No major changes in corona virus will affect the vaccine program: PMO

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Corona virus update: The virus vaccine program is growing rapidly (file photo)

new Delhi:

Corona virus update: The central government has said that in India Corona virus As the major mutations do not appear. So The vaccine (Vaccine) program is unlikely to be affected. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) gave this information on Saturday based on the study of top institutions in the country.

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According to the PMO, this is indicated by two studies done on the genome of corona virus by the country’s top clinical research institute and Department of Biotechnology. According to the study, the corona virus is genetically stable and does not show major mutations. Mutations in the virus alter its properties and make it difficult for patients as well as physicians by creating new strains.

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Mutations in the corona virus can spread the epidemic rapidly. Not only India, but studies at global level also indicate that a slight mutation will not affect the development program of the vaccine. When there is a mutation in the corona virus, the weak strains disappear quickly, but the dangerous strain of the virus spreads rapidly.

The PMO said that the ICMR and Biotechnology Department has studied the genome of SARS Cove-2. Last month, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also said that no major changes are being seen in the strain of Kovid. He had said that ICMR is engaged in large-scale sequencing of strains of corona virus present in the country and the results will come by the end of October.

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