NewsBust India interview with Corona Expert Doctor Anjan trikha | Due to the negligence of the people, the country is trapped in the second wave of Kovid, how far it will go, it will be known only after two weeks.


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New DelhiA minute agoAuthor: Ravi Yadav

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  • Dr. Trikha believes that vaccination also needs to be a little stricter.
  • In the second wave of corona in the country, the infection rate is high, but the death rate is low

The second wave of corona in the country is becoming deadly. The ICU beds of most hospitals are full. People are not very aware about getting the vaccine. Professor Anjan Trikha, Professor and Chairperson of Corona Medical Management at AIIMS Delhi, says, “The public is the reason for the second wave of Corona. People have stopped obeying the rule of masks and two yards, due to which cases are increasing. Dainik NewsBust India spoke to Dr. Trikha about the condition of Corona in the country. Here is the key part of the conversation…

What is Corona’s position currently?

At this time patients are coming in large numbers. The number of doctors in patients is also significant. Due to negligence of masks, cases are coming very high. Such people are also reaching the hospital in large numbers, who have less space in their homes and cannot remain isolated there. Our ICUs are completely full at this time.

So far only 5 to 6% of people have been vaccinated. How long the corona can be controlled at this speed.

The biggest misconception is that no one will have a corona immediately after getting the vaccine. this is not right. Only after getting the second dose of vaccine does our body produce antibodies to fight the corona, but people are partying soon after getting the vaccine. Vigilance has been reduced across the country over masks and two yards. This is making things worse. Those over 45 years of age should get vaccinated immediately.

How deadly is the second corona wave?

The second wave has a higher infection rate. Patients are coming, but the number of patients dying is less than before. Now doctors have come to handle this disease. Earlier it was a new disease, everyone used to see it on the internet, but now the test is done soon and the patient starts getting treatment in time.

What will you say about the situation in Delhi? Everyday patients are increasing in hospitals.

In Delhi, treatment of diseases other than Corona will have to be stopped. Only then corona patients will be admitted. If there are 20 beds of corona in each hospital and 100 beds of other patients, then 20 beds are filled in a single day. Patients of other diseases should be seen on video call. Visit the hospital only for necessary surgeries and emergency diseases.

Does AIIMS have an ICU arrangement for the time to come?

We have a meeting on this every morning. We will soon open AIIMS Part Two to patients in Jhajjar district of Haryana. We will send those who are less serious patients there. There is a system of one thousand patients. This work will be done in the next two-three days, which will take care of the situation.

The steps that the Indian government is taking regarding Corona, are they completely correct?

My personal opinion is that the Government of India handled the whole matter very well. The second wave in the country came because people are being negligent. The public stopped taking precautions. The Government of India did what it could to fight Corona, which it has done before and is still doing. Earlier not a single corona medicine was available, now all medicines are available free of cost. The patient who is admitted here, gets free expensive medicines along with food and drink.

Should Corona be put on lockdown again?

We benefited from the lockdown that we had done earlier, in which we made ICU beds and made arrangements in hospitals. Made people aware. Lockdown is not good for the economy. Instead of lockdown all over the country, we should lockdown in places where patients are growing rapidly. Such as society, colony, street, sector should be identified and strictly done there.

How do you think the country can get rid of corona?

Wear a mask and prevent the spread of disease. People start getting vaccinated. There is no strictness in getting the vaccine applied. 15 days ago there were only 28 patients in our hospital, we were happy that the corona was over, but then the number increased rapidly. In the next two weeks, we will know where the second wave of Corona will go.

Can the situation be uncontrollable if the public is not stable?

After the increase in the second wave, the public is now scared again. This thing is beneficial for the public. The more vigilance people keep themselves, the sooner the situation will be brought under control.

Would you like to give some advice, message to people regarding Corona?

Make sure to get the vaccine and wear a mask. If there is a cold-fever then rest at home. People feel that this is due to the change in the weather and they are negligent, but in such a situation stay home and get the test done. Such a precaution will reduce the speed of the corona.

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