Newly-identified ancient humans who lived 150,000 years ago and had SQUARE eye sockets and a wide mouth may replace Neanderthals as our closest relatives, researchers say | Scientists revealed from one lakh 40 thousand years old human skull, said – this ‘Dragon Man’ with square eyes is related to a new species of human

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  • Newly identified Ancient Humans Who Lived 150,000 Years Ago And Had SQUARE Eye Sockets And A Wide Mouth May Replace Neanderthals As Our Closest Relative, Researchers Say

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Chinese scientists have released a picture of a dragon man with square eyes and a wide mouth. Which has been prepared on the basis of the facts revealed in the research.

In Northeast China in 1930, 1 lakh 40 thousand years old skull was found. It has been named Homo-Longhi and Dragon Man. Scientists say, this skull may be related to a new species of human. It may be our closest ancestor to ancient human species such as Neanderthals and Homo erectus. China’s Hebei Geo University is doing research on this.

they hunted birds
Like Homo sapiens, they also hunted mammals and birds. He used to collect fruits and vegetables. Maybe they even caught fish. Geo-chemical analysis of the fossil has shown that this skull is 1,46,000 years old. Researchers say, it is not yet known when these members of the Herbin group stopped appearing.

Skull found in China in 1930.

Skull found in China in 1930.

square eyed man
Researchers say, its eyes were square. The mouth was wide and the teeth were large. This skull is the first such fossil in the world that has been found completely safe. This skull is of a male, who died at the age of about 50 years. It lived in a place where there were forests.

The skull was lying in the well for decades
Researchers say, this is the preserved head of Homo longi, which is larger in size than the skull of Homo sapiens. It was found in the Hilongjiang province of China. The remains had been lying in a well for decades and were handed over to researchers in 2017.

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