New symptoms of corona; Runny nose, vomiting and diarrhea, do not ignore them and be alert for diabetes patients | New symptoms of corona; Runny nose, vomiting and diarrhea, do not ignore them and be alert for diabetes patients


  • Diabetes patients keep sugar control and if a person comes from outside, avoid direct contact.
  • Take Corona's panic out of your mind because it increases sleep with BP, blood sugar, and you will feel unwell.

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Jun 29, 2020, 05:23 PM IST

new Delhi. The panic that Corona is in people needs to be controlled because this fear is causing sleepless nights with increased blood pressure and sugar. There is a need to understand the place of fear and prevent infection, especially the patients suffering from diabetes. This is to say Former Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Narendra Saini Of Who answered many questions related to Corona to AIR. Know the questions related to Corona and answers to experts …

# 1] America's largest organization the Center for Disease Control has told about the new symptoms of Corona, what are they?
This is a new disease. Gradually we are getting to know about it. In five months, we have come to know about new symptoms. Now the new symptoms that are being found in people are runny nose, nausea and vomiting and diarrhea. These new symptoms have been found in people. Overall common symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath and fatigue. The same symptoms are seen in 70 percent. After this, symptoms of throat infection, conjunctivitis in the eye, headache, taste and aroma are not detected and skin rashes are also found.

# 2] What precautions do patients with diabetes need to take precautions?
India has the highest number of diabetes patients in the world. If a diabetic patient has developed a corona, the infection spreads severely in their body. Patients struggling with diabetes have to keep their sugar level under control because these days physical activity is not being achieved. Those patients who are more than 60 have to be the most alert. Keep a distance of about 3 feet from the others. Apply mask and hand sanitize. If a person from home comes from outside, then diabetes patients should avoid coming in direct contact with them.

# 3] There is tightness in the body, there is pain in the arms and legs, is there any corona?
No, there is no need to think about Corona if you have not had a fever, do not sneeze and do not have trouble breathing. If you are old, then you should check your blood pressure and sugar. If a treatment is underway, see a doctor. There is no need to be nervous.

# 4] People are scared about Corona, what will they say to them?
Recently, some new symptoms of corona have emerged, due to which people think if anything happens, they have not been infected with corona. Think of it this way, panic causes depression and depression. This can increase sugar and blood pressure. If you do not sleep in panic you will not feel healthy. One thing needs to be understood that so far 60% of the people who have had corona have not needed to give medicines and they have recovered.

# 5] How important is the use of sanitizer?
To avoid corona virus, first mask and social distancing and third rescue hand hygiene means keeping the hands clean. Sanitizer is not necessary for cleaning hands. It is best if you wash your hands with water and soap. If no water is available then use sanitizer. It is used as an option when you are traveling or traveling.

# 6] Many people are still confused about the mask, what will they say?
Now everyone knows that we have to wear masks and 80 percent people are wearing masks. But most of them are wearing masks because the government has said. Their mask remains under the nose. If the nose or mouth remains open, the virus will reach the body. In such a situation, a person will feel how the infection occurred even after applying the mask. It is necessary to apply the mask correctly. If someone has applied the mask in the wrong way, also interrupt it. Change the mask daily. Dress and wash.


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