New Sustainable Roofing Material Can Naturally Keep Buildings Cool Without airconditioner | Scientists have made ‘cooling paper’ to keep the house cool without AC, the buildings and houses covered by it will not need a cooling system

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  • New Sustainable Roofing Material Can Naturally Keep Buildings Cool Without Airconditioner

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  • Scientists at Northeastern University of Boston prepared cooling paper

American scientists have prepared such a special kind of paper. It will work to keep the house cool without AC. Scientists have named it ‘cooling paper’. Researchers from Northeastern University, who prepared it, claim that the house and building will be covered with cooling paper. No cooling system will be required to keep such buildings and houses cool.

This is how cooling paper works
The color of cooling paper is lighter, says researcher Yi Zheng. It reflects the strong rays of the sun falling on the houses. Apart from this, it draws the heat of the electronics gadgets, cooking and body inside the house and building. It then transfers this heat to the house and outside the building.

This is a special kind of paper with very fine pores, says Zheng. It is made of microfiber which absorbs heat and keeps the atmosphere cool.

This is how the idea of ​​making cooling paper came
The idea to make cooling paper, says Zheng, came after he saw several printing papers lying in a bucket. Then decided to make a new discovery from the waste material.

After grinding all the peppers with a blender, Zheng made a paste. The paper prepared from this paste was used to put a layer on the houses. For how cool this paper keeps homes, the ability of the paper was tested at different temperatures.

Temperature can drop by up to 10 degrees
During the trial, the team of scientists found that with the help of cooling paper, the temperature of the room can be reduced by 10 degrees. Researchers say the cooling paper is eco-friendly. It can also be recycled. With this, the effect of weather, temperature and solar radiation can also be avoided.

The special thing is that after recycling, the cooling paper made again remains as effective as the original.

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