Neetu Kapoor shares Anxiety Relief Drink with fans know what it is


Neetu Kapoor shared with fans a special drink for ‘Anxiety Relief’.

New Delhi:

The corona epidemic has severely affected the mental health of most people. Most people have suffered from depression, stress during the coronary period. It is very important to remain mentally healthy in this difficult time. But to remove stress and anxiety, you can also try many home remedies and that too by using those materials, which are easily found in your kitchen.

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One such special dink has been shared by Bollywood’s famous actress Neetu Kapoor on her Instagram account. The drink that Neetu Kapoor has shared is made of Chakra Phool (Star Anise) and Bay Leaf.


She shared a drink story on her Instagram handle, writing, “After keeping Chia seeds in water for two weeks, now add chakra flowers and bay leaves. Good for worrying.”

Let us know that Neetu Kapoor keeps sharing healthy lifestyle tips with the fans of often. Recently, on World Health Day, he had posted his picture drinking water and advised all his fans to remain hydrated.


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