Navratri Maa Brahmacharini Puja 2020: How to Worship (Puja), Katha, Vidhi of Goddess Brahmacharini 2nd Day of Navratri

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Mother Brahmacharini is worshiped on the second day of Navratri. Sugar is offered to Maa Brahmacharini. It is believed that Brahmacharini is worshiped as the goddess of penance, sacrifice and disinterest. Those devotees who worship this form of mother, the mother’s immense glory remains.

Sugar is offered to Maa Brahmacharini.

Maa Brahmacharini Puja Vidhi:

Flower, Akshat, Roli, Sandalwood are used in the worship of Maa Brahmacharini. Mother Brahmacharini is bathed with milk, curd and sugar before starting the worship. After this, make offerings to the mother Brahmacharini. After completing this action, you should offer achman and then paan, betel nut. Only after this should one worship the established Kalash, Navagraha, city god and village god. It is said that the devotees who worship the mother, always remain calm and happy in life.

Maa Brahmacharini story

According to the legend, mother Brahmacharini was born at the home of King Himalaya. On Narada’s advice, he performed austerities, so that he could receive Lord Shiva in the form of a husband. Due to harsh tenacity, he was named Brahmacharini or Tapashcharini. During the worship of Lord Shiva, he ate only fruits and flowers for 1000 years and lived by eating herb for 100 years. His body was weakened due to harsh tenacity. Seeing his tenacity, all the gods, sages and sages were extremely impressed. He said that no one can meditate like you. Your wish will definitely be fulfilled. Lord Shiva will receive you in the form of a husband. And in this way Lord Shiva met her as her husband.

Maa Brahmacharini Mantra:

Brahmacharyitum Sheelam Yasya as Brahmacharini.

Sachchidanand Sushila f Vishwaroopa Namostutte ..

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