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Navratri 2020 Messages

World rearing is mother

Mother of liberation is mother

Mother is the basis of our devotion

Mother is the embodiment of protecting us all

Happy Navratri 2020

Whose shelter is there

Naman is in that mother’s stage

We are the dust of that mother’s feet

Come together offer flowers of reverence to mother

Happy Navratri 2020


Goddess mother steps into your home

Take a shower

Problems steal your eyes

Happy Navratri 2020


Mother’s court decorated with red color

A delighted mind, a pulsed world

Mother came to your door with little steps

Happy Navratri festival to you

Happy Navratri 2020


Happy Navratri 2020

This is the festival of worship of mother

There are nine forms of devotion of mother

It is a festival to make bad things

Diya of devotion is the festival of burning in the heart

Happy Navratri 2020


Get ready, mother is coming to ambe

Get punished, court mother is coming to Ambe

Body, mind and life will become pure

Due to mother’s footsteps, the courtyard will resonate

Happy Navratri 2020


Jab jab yaad kiya tujhe e mother

You gave me shelter in the area

Kalyugi in this world, you only supported

Happy Navratri 2020


I was waiting for that moment

Mother queen came riding on lion

Now every wish of the mind will be fulfilled

Everyone has come to grief now

Happy Navratri 2020


All of you with the infinite grace of Mother Durga

Life always smile

That’s why speak with love

Happy Navratri 2020


Laxmi ji’s hand

May you be with Saraswati

Lord Ganesha’s residence

Bless goddess durga

Always light in your life

Happy Navratri 2020

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