Navratri 2020 how to worship devi brahmacharini maa durga on second day of navratri

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What is the story of mother Brahmacharini?

Mata Brahmacharini Parvatraj is the daughter of the Himalayas. At the behest of Devarshi Narada, she did penance to become the wife of Lord Shankar. Brahma also gave him the boon he wanted. Due to this penance, he was named Brahmacharini. Apart from this, it is believed that by worshiping this form of mother, the mind remains stable and desires are fulfilled.

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mother Nature of brahmacharini

Brahmacharini Mata, the second form of Maa Durga, holds a rosary of chanting in one hand and a kamandal in the other. She does not ride on any vehicle, instead, standing on the earth on foot. Apart from the mute on the head, they are adorned with lotus flowers. Hand bracelets, necklaces, ear coils and armlets are all made of lotus flowers.

Mother Brahmacharini’s mantra

1. or Goddess Sarvabhiteshu Maa Brahmacharini Rupena Sanstita.

Namastasai namastasai namastasyaai namo namah.

Madamabhyam Akshamala Kamandalu

Goddess Prasidatu Mayi Brahmacharinanyuttama.

2. Brahmacharyitum Sheelam Yasya as Brahmacharini.

Sachchidanand Sushila f Vishwaroopa Namostutte ..

3. Om Devi Brahmachariniya Namah

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Mother The source text of Brahmacharini

Tapashcharini Tawhani Tapatray Nivaranim.

Brahmarupadhara Brahmacharini Pranamamayam

Shankarapriya twain bhukti-mukti daini.

Shantida Gyanada Brahmacharini Pranamamayam

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Mother Brahmacharini’s armor

Hridayam Patu Lalate Patu Shankarabhamini in Tripura.

Arpan Sadapatu Netro, Ardhari Ch Kapolo॥

Panchdashi kanthe patumadhyeshde patumaheshwari

Shodashi Sadapatu Nabho Grio Padho.

Anga Pratyanga Continuous Patu Brahmacharini.

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Mother Aarti of Brahmacharini

Jai Ambe Brahmacharini Mata.

Jai Chaturanan Dear Pleasure.

Please be pleased with Brahma ji.

You teach knowledge to everyone.

Brahma mantra is your chant.

Whose world is chanted.

Mother of Jai Gayatri Veda.

The mind that meditates on you every day.

No one should remain lacking.

Let no one suffer.

His whereabouts remain.

Who knows your glory.

By taking the rosary of Rudraksha.

Chant the mantra with reverence.

Leave laziness.

Mother, you can comfort her.

Name of Brahmacharini Tero.

Complete all my work

Devotee the priest of your feet.

Keep my shame

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