Navratri 2020 Fasting Foods: Why Do You Eat Rock Salt During Fasting, Know the Benefits of Rock Salt

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Navratri Fasting Salt: Eating rock salt can improve your digestive system

Special things

  • Rock salt is used in fruit diet in Navratri.
  • What is the reason behind eating rock salt in the fast?
  • Learn the amazing health benefits of rock salt here

Navratri 2020 Fasting Food: People in Navratri consume rock salt during fasting, even this fast is used in everything. Due to having many nutrients in rock salt, eating it during fasting can be very beneficial. In addition, it is also helpful in controlling Digestion Process and Blood Pressure. All nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped during Navratri. To keep the special grace of the mother, people fast for nine days and are absorbed in worship. Many people are very careful about their food, change everything from oil to salt for nine days.

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It is more likely to affect health. Instead of eating Besvada food, people eat sanda salt. Have you ever wondered why rock salt is used instead of the commonly used salt in the fast. We are telling you what is the reason for this and what effect does rock salt have on your health.

rock salt

Benefits In Rock Salt: Rock salt can be helpful in controlling blood pressure.

Benefits of rock salt used in fasting foods during Navratri. Benefits Of Rock Salt Used In Fasting Foods In Navratri

1. Beneficial in Digestion

If salt is not used in food, it starts to taste tasteless. Salt is very important for increasing food intake and also for the body. Rock salt is beneficial in improving the digestion system.

2. Pure Form Of Salt

During fasting, people prefer to use rock salt much better than not using ordinary ones. It is considered the purest form of salt. Which is very beneficial for our body.

3. Nutrient-Rich

Rock salt does not have to go through a chemical process to make it usable. There are many types of nutrients found in rock salt, which is very beneficial for our health during fasting.

4. Helpful in controlling blood pressure

Rock salt is helpful in controlling blood pressure in the body. Due to its many benefits, dieticians also recommend to use it daily.

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