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Who is mother siddhidatri
According to mythological beliefs, Lord Shiva attained many siddhis only by the grace of Siddhidatri. By the grace of the mother, half of Shiva’s body was that of the goddess. For this reason Shiva became famous by the name ‘Ardhanarishwar’. According to Markandeya Purana, these eight siddhis are Anima, Laghima, Attainment, Prakamya, Mahima, Ishita and Vashitva. It is believed that if the devotees worship mother Siddhidatri with true heart then all these accomplishments can be attained.

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Nature of mother siddhidatri
The form of Maa Siddhidatri is very gentle and attractive. He has four arms. The mother is holding a chakra in one hand, mace in one hand, lotus flower in one hand and a conch in one hand. The vehicle of Goddess Siddhidatri is Leo.

Maa Siddhidatri’s favorite color and enjoyment
It is believed that mother Siddhidatri likes red and yellow colors. His favorite indulgences are coconut, kheer, naivedya and panchamrit.

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Worship of Mother Siddhidatri
– On the ninth day of Navratri, that is, first of all, bath the Navami and wear clean clothes.
Now install a photo or statue of the mother by laying cloth on a checkpoint in the temple of the house.
– Light a lamp in front of the statue after this.
Now, take flowers and add your hands and pay attention to the mother.
– garland the mother, offer red chunri and offer make-up boxes.
– Now offer flowers, flowers and naivedya to the mother.
– Now perform their aarti.
– Offer Kheer and coconut to the mother.
– Performing Chandi Havan on Navami is considered auspicious.
– Kanya worship is also done on this day.
– Finally, Prasad is distributed among the members of the household and the neighborhood.

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Vande desired psychiatry Chandrarghatik Shekharam.
Kamalhasthita Chaturbhuja Siddhidatri Yashasvaniam
Swarnavarna Nirvana Chakrasthitam Navam Durga Trinetram.
Sikh, Chakra, Mace, Padam, Dharan Siddhidatri Bhajem
Patamber, Costumes Mriduhasya Nanalankar Bhushitam.
Manjir, Haar, Keur, Kinkini Ratnakundal Manditam
Prafulla vadna pallavadharan katam kapola peenpayodharam.
Kamaniya Lavanya Shreekkati lowbrow Nithambanim

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Hymn text
Kanchanabha Shakhachakragadapadmadhara Mukutozwalo.
Smermukhi Shivapatni Siddhidatri Namoastutte॥
Patamber Garments Nanalankaran Bhushita.
Nalisthitam Nalanarkshi Siddhidatri Namoastutte॥
Paramanandamayi Devi Parbrahma Paramatma.
Param Shakti, Param bhakti, Siddhidatri Namoastutte॥
Vishwakirti, Vishwabharati, Visvaharti, Vishwaprita.
World Worthiness Vishwita Siddhidatri Namoastutte॥
Bhuktikottikarini Bhaktakashtnivarini.
Bhava Sagar Tarini Siddhidatri Namoastutte॥
Charitable work Pradyamini Mahamoh Vashishini.
Mokshadayini Siddhidayini Siddhidatri Namoastutte॥

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Aarti of Maa Siddhidatri
Jai Siddhidatri You are the giver of Siddhi.
You are the protector of devotees, you are the mother of slaves.
Siddhi is attained as soon as you take your name
There is purification of mind in your name.
You prove difficult work.
Whenever you are the head of the earth servant,
There is no method in your worship.
You are Jagadambe Daati, you are perfect.
May your Sumerin on Sunday
Keep your idol in mind
You do all the work for him.
Sometimes his work was not complete
Your kindness and this illusion of yours.
Keep whose head is my shadow
Sarv Siddhi Daati is that lucky.
Which is your rate, Ambe Sawali.
Himachal is a mountain where you live.
Maha Nanda Temple I am Vas tera
I hope your mother
Vandana is the only one whose giver is you

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