Navi Mumbai Crocodile Was Rescued From A Sewer In Belapur Video Goes Viral – A 6-foot crocodile roamed in Mumbai’s drains for years, people fly away


A 6-foot crocodile was roaming in Mumbai’s drains for years, watching people fly away – watch video

A forest department official said that a crocodile was rescued from a sewer in Belapur (Belapur) area of ​​Navi Mumbai on Tuesday. Thane Forest Range official said that the crocodile was 6.43 feet and weighing 35.4 kg. Navi Mumbai had been roaming in sewers and creeks for many years and many of its videos have gone viral.

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According to a release issued by the department, the crocodile roamed in a creek and later inhabited an artificial pond used for fisheries.

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The official said that a trap cage was installed in the sewer on Sunday and the crocodile was rescued. He said that the animal has been taken for medical evaluation and will be sent to a safe place.


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