Nature-based activities might improve mood, reduce anxiety: Study | If you do gardening or exercise in the midst of nature, the mind remains happy, the restlessness goes away; American scientists also confirmed

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If you want to keep the mind happy, then spend time in the midst of nature. If you do gardening and exercise in natural places, then the restlessness goes away and the mind feels better. Man stays away from mental problems.

Researchers from York University of England have made this claim in their recent research. Researchers say, what effect does activity among nature have on a person’s mental health. Research was done to know this.

Research has revealed that between 8 and 12 weeks, if a person spends 20 to 90 minutes in nature, then he feels better mentally.

Nature’s support is essential for mental health
Researcher Dr. Peter Coventry says, we know that spending some time in the midst of nature is good for health. But research has proved that it is equally good for mental health. Activities related to gardening, exercise and protection of plants amidst nature refresh the mind. Works to fill energy.

If you spend time in the group then you get more benefit
Researcher Peter says, if a person spends time with groups in such places and does different types of positive activities, then his mental health is more beneficial.

Spending time with nature as investment for good health

Research says, if people want to keep themselves healthy, it is necessary to spend some time with nature. This is also a kind of investment for good health, which benefits mentally.

Research has explained the benefits for mental health, but the evidence related to how much such outdoor activities benefit the body, has not been given. Researchers say, there is a need to understand its short-term and long-term benefits in the next phase of research.

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