national protein week why protein is important and what happens when excess protein takes | Protein deficiency in 73% of Indians and weak muscles of 71%, know why protein is important for the body and how to meet its deficiency

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A survey conducted in 16 cities in the country says that 73 percent of Indians are deficient in protein. 93% of Indians are not even aware of it. More than 95 percent of women are involved in this. A big reason for this is that 90 percent of people do not even know how much protein should be taken daily. As a result, 71% of Indians have weak muscles.

National Protein Week is celebrated every year from 24 to 30 July. On this occasion, know how protein works, how much protein should be taken daily and what can be the advantages and disadvantages if its quantity is more or less in the diet.

What is protein and how much to take?
Just as it is necessary to have bricks to prepare a building, in the same way protein is important for the body. That is why it is also called the building blocks of life. Protein is essential for the growth of the body. ICMR says, it is necessary to take at least 48 grams of protein daily, but the amount of protein in the diet of Indians is much less than this.

On average, a person weighs as many grams of protein as they should. For example, if your weight is 60 kg, then 60 grams of protein should be taken in the diet daily.

Now understand how protein works
Protein is derived from a Greek word proteos, which means primary meaning most important. Protein is made up of short chains of amino acids. If understood in simple language, it repairs the wear and tear in the skin and muscles. There are one lakh types of proteins in the human body. These include proteins such as hemoglobin, keratin and collagen. Which have connections to different parts of the body.

Protein deficiency effect looks like this

  • bone-muscle weakness
  • slow metabolism
  • mood swing problem
  • lack of energy
  • feeling tired
  • immunity event
  • not sleeping well
  • hair loss

Reduce protein deficiency with these 10 things
Eggs, fish, pulses, peanut butter, chicken, almonds, gram, curd, pumpkin seeds and dry fruits in the diet to meet the deficiency of protein.

4 major reasons for lack of protein in Indians

  • Fat-starch more in the plate of Indians: According to a research report published in the BMJ Journal, Indians have more starch and fat and less protein in their plate. Protein deficiency has been observed in 91 percent of vegetarians.
  • lack of awareness: Most Indians are not aware of how much protein to take in the daily diet. Working women and housewives have a protein deficiency of 70-80%.
  • More rice and wheat on the plate: In Indians, rice and wheat are used more in the plate and pulses are used less. It is necessary to have pulses in the diet of a vegetarian person. Pulses were declared a superfood in 2016.
  • Confusion about protein: 70% of women believe that fruits and vegetables contain protein. At the same time, according to 73 percent of the urban population, protein is high in leafy vegetables. Such confusions also lead to protein deficiency.

Now know the advantages and disadvantages of protein too
It is important to take protein, as it strengthens the immune system that fights diseases. This protein also does the work of making bones and muscles strong. It does not allow the level of hormones to deteriorate. It also keeps hair, nails and skin healthy. It is very important for pregnant and lactating women so that the development of the child can be better.

It has also been proved in a research that it controls obesity by improving metabolism. It also works to remove tiredness.

If the amount of protein is taken in excess, then the risk of many types increases. When the amount increases, the body is unable to remove it, its direct effect falls on the kidneys. Consuming more protein increases the risk of kidney failure and stone formation. Apart from this, there is a risk of cancer and heart diseases along with weight gain, bad breath, constipation.

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