National Green Tribunal raps govt over delay in report on import of hazardous waste


NGT has targeted the environment ministry over the committee’s delay in submitting the report (symbolic photo)

Special things

  • The Tribunal said that mere formation of a committee will not do anything
  • Ministry did not give any reason, why the report was not submitted
  • While the committee was formed a year ago in the case

new Delhi:

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has lambasted the ministry for delaying the report of a committee of the Environment Ministry formed to review the import of hazardous wastes including tires, lead and PCBs. I went. NGT A bench headed by Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel, the chairman of the Supreme Court, said that if a matter does not reach a logical conclusion, mere formation of a committee will not solve anything.

The Supreme Court asked, why not hear the cases related to wildlife in NGT?

The tribunal said that it has been said that the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) had constituted a committee more than a year ago, but no reason was given as to why the report was not submitted? Actually, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, 29 November On 2019, a committee was set up to review import and export policies related to other waste materials like tires, textiles, lead, oil, paper.

The tribunal said that the committee has still not given its report on the import of paper waste. It directed it to submit the report soon. NGT was actually hearing Amit Jain’s plea, stating that America, Europe and others Poor quality waste paper and road cleaning waste comes from places to burn in brick kilns, causing air pollution.


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