National flag will be half mast in mourning of 5 lakh deaths from Corona in America, Biden administration decides


US President Joe Biden to Address Nation’s Name from White House


US Government Corona virus Has decided to tilt the national flag in half to commemorate the more than 5 million people killed in the country. The White House gave this information on Monday.US President Joe Biden You can formally announce this order by Monday evening. The national flag will remain half-tilted for 5 days on all US government federal buildings. White House press secretary Jane Paskey said the order would remain in effect for five days.

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President Biden himself will attend a condolence meeting on Monday, in which he will express his feelings about the 5 million American citizens killed by Corona. However, due to the intensification of immunization in many countries including Britain with the US, now cases of deaths from corona have decreased rapidly.

According to the agencies keeping records of Corona related cases and deaths, the number of deaths in America has exceeded 5 lakhs. However, the number is slightly less in the official figures of the US government. Biden can deliver an address to the nation from the White House before joining a candle march. Biden will also keep silence in memory of his wife Jill, Vice President Kamala Harris, her husband Doug Amhoff and others.


Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump, who always underestimated the epidemic. Biden puts America’s fight with the Corona epidemic on top priority. He continues to insist on complying with Kovid-19 regulations, with an emphasis on rapid vaccination. The Biden administration has to overcome the troubles of religious-social discrimination arising during Trump’s reign, along with severe economic challenges caused by Corona. is.


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