National Doctors Day 2020; what covid teached to doctors and hospitals 5 learning of corona pandemic | Now, not only the lungs, but also the need to monitor every part of the body, from the brain to the liver reached the corona; Remedacivir, dexamethasone proved to be a drug life saver


  • Blood clotting drugs can improve the condition by up to 50 percent if clots freeze.

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Jul 01, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Six months have passed since the epidemic, but neither the vaccine has been prepared nor the cases seem to stop. The worldwide corona figure has crossed 10 million. In these six months, doctors and hospitals have learned and understood many new things during the treatment of corona victims. The cases of Kovid-19 started with a cold, dry cough and shortness of breath but now its symptoms have increased. Many new symptoms have been seen including brain stroke, abdominal discomfort, blood clots in the body. Today is National Doctors Day. On this occasion, know five such lessons learned by the experts through Corona, which came in the treatment …

First lesson: Kovid patients fall short of giving thinning agent when blood clots freeze

Cases of blood clots are becoming more common in patients struggling with corona. Which can cause brain stroke. Its effect is from the brain to the toes. Researchers at the University of Brown University in the United States say that for the past two months, corona infections have also seen cases of skin rash, stroke and hemorrhage damage.

Blood thinning drugs (thinning agents) can improve the condition of corona victims by up to 50 percent. According to American researchers, if such medicines are given to patients on ventilators, their survival rate increases by 130 percent. Treatment of thick blood thinning with medication is called anti-coagulant treatment. The team at Mount Sinai Health System, New York, which conducted the research, says this new information will help save patients with Corona.

Second lesson: Apart from the lungs, the virus can attack the heart, brain, kidney and liver.

The corona virus can now attack not only the lungs, but also the heart, brain, kidney and liver. US researchers have described brain therapy to be helpful for severe corona patients. According to researchers at Case Western Reserve University, there are certain parts of the brain that control the breath and circulation.

If the therapy targeting such parts is used on corona patients, they can be removed from the ventilator. Now the patients are monitoring how much corona is causing damage to other parts of the body.

Third lesson: Antiviral Remedesivir, Steroid Dexamethasone, and Plasma Get Better Results

Research has so far shown that antiviral remadecivir, steroid dexamethasone are the only two drugs that have shown a better effect on corona patients. Permission has been given to use it in patients in many countries.

American pharma company Gilead Sciences holds the patent for Remedesivir. After Glenn Pharma and Hetero Labs, Cipla has now introduced generic medicine of remadecivir for corona patients. It is named Siprimi. Recently, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization in India allowed Hetero Labs to manufacture and supply generic versions of Remedesivir. Hetero will sell this drug in India under the name Kovifor which can prove to be a game changer.

Dr. Mala Srivastava, expert of Sir Gangaram Hospital, which medicine is working well in corona patients, says that antiviral, steroid drugs are working better in some patients and plasma therapy in some. It is difficult to say which one drug is better for corona patients.

Fourth lesson: The more testing you do, the faster the pressure of patients in the hospital will decrease

Experts say that the main reason for increasing number of patients is not because the virus infection is increasing rapidly but also because of increasing speed in the investigation, patients are coming out. More and more investigation is extremely important. The sooner the patients come, the cases will be less and the number of patients increasing in the hospital will decrease. The pressure to treat them will be less.

Recently, ICMR has also expanded its investigative strategy. In addition to the investigation of asymptomatic, asymptomatic, a guideline has been issued to conduct RT-PCR test of those who meet them.

Fifth lesson: every new information related to corona around the world should reach doctors

According to experts, every update related to new symptoms, research and vaccine appearing in corona patients is required to reach the experts from all over the world. Symptoms such as lack of taste of food and not recognizing smells were seen in corona victims in the US and UK, later it was seen in patients from all countries. After such cases became common, the US Health Society CDC included its symptoms in its guidelines. Even in the country, it was considered a symptom of corona. Knowledge of such cases helps the experts to understand the corona cases.


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