National Doctors Day 2020; How doctors shield families from COVID-19 with 'quarantent', safe spaces | Every day brings the courage to save patients, but she does not come home and share her pain.


  • After coming from the hospital, we keep distance from ourselves, on the other side of the plastic shield, many times things are done by gestures.
  • Isolation area becomes home store room, family is also advised to resign due to increasing risk of infection

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Jul 01, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Today, Doctor's Day is being celebrated in India. This day, which is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, Bharat Ratna, freedom fighter and CM of Bengal, is also special this time. Today is the day and night of saluting those doctors for whom the only goal is to defeat coronavirus.

There are thousands of stories of these frontline doctors fighting Corona arriving in every country of the world. In these stories of sacrifice, dedication and struggle, the hopes of life are shining because on this 2020 Doctor's Day it seems that our every day is at the mercy of doctors.

Today, on the occasion of this day, we see in the photo the story of two doctors from the Philippines who tell us how difficult the situation is and how courageous the doctors are. (All photos courtesy of Reuters Agency)

First story of Dr. Jane Cleary Dorado working in Manila, Philippines. The life of this doctor who took responsibility for work in the emergency room of Kovid-19 at East Avenue Medical Center Hospital in Manila, the capital here, has changed completely. When she started work, she first came to mind that now she does not have to go home so that she can save the family from infection, but she could not do so.

For the last two months, Dr. Jane has been serving daily in the Kovid-19 Emergency Room with great enthusiasm. Every day when she returns home after working for about 12 hours shift, there is always a fear in her mind that I might not become the cause of infection.
Parents of 30-year-old Dr. Jane put a lot of pressure on their doctor daughter to stay home with them, but the daughter wanted to stay away from them. In such a situation, his father made an isolation area by putting a plastic sheet and foil in his storage room. Now everyday, Dr. Jane reaches home from the hospital and removes the shoes and spend the night in the same isolation area.
His parents worry that he might do something for the daughter. That is why they put food for him on a stool in advance and keep looking at him through a window made of plastic sheet. Dr. Jane also asks about their well being from there. They caress their beloved cat through the same window.
Dr. Jane Dorado says that this is the most difficult time because I am near my loved ones and away from them. But, this has to be done because there is no other option. My mother wishes to embrace me, but I am compelled to not let them do so.
Most of the time of Dr. Jane and her colleagues in the hospital is spent in the care of serious patients admitted in the ICU. In his country hundreds of medical workers have been infected due to corona and more than 30 doctors have also died. Despite this, they are fully engaged.
This second story is of another doctor from Manila who is trying to save the children. Dr. Micah Bastillo, a 38-year-old pediatrician, works in a children's hospital in another part of Manila, which has now been turned into a Kovid referral facility. Dr. Micah says that, my family wants me to quit my job, but I feel that it is not right to do so, because Corona will have to face wherever I go.
Dr. Micah's father and his sister are also very ill and have been put on medical support, despite this, their family has made a temporary place outside their house which has the necessities. Dr. Micah lives here daily and calls it her "quarantine home". To avoid the rain, this tent is covered with plastic sheets and through this their family keeps safe social distancing among themselves.
Dr. Micah says, "My mother has put curtains and table cloths in it so that it looks like home …. and my brother has made a separation with plastic sheets. In the midst of the worsening situation due to Corona, Dr. Micah invites N95 every night and prays with the family that God should get us out of this disaster and at the same time get ready for the next day as they have to do their duties in the hospital.



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