Nashik Lockdown News; How COVID Lockdown Impacted Maharashtra Onions Grapes Farmers | Onion and grape farmers in trouble with restrictions in Maharashtra; The cost on the crop is 5 thousand rupees, but earning 700 rupees

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  • Nashik Lockdown News; How COVID Lockdown Impacted Maharashtra Onions Grapes Farmers

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Nashik36 minutes ago

Nashik district of Maharashtra and its associated areas are known for the production of grapes and onions. Local farmers earn a good income from their produce. But these farmers are in a bad state due to the corona hit. In the second wave of epidemic, the most affected state is Maharashtra, in terms of new cases, the world lags behind only one country. That is why the state government is putting a lockdown in place to prevent the epidemic.

The lockdown made the farmers of the state difficult, because the crop is ready in the field and their demand for consumption has been half of the average. The result is that farmers are extracting the finished goods cheaply. Due to this, the cost of farming is submerged as well as the expectation of livelihood.

According to government data, Maharashtra has the largest share of total grape production in India at 81%. Similarly, the state is also at the forefront of onion production in the country. Maharashtra accounts for 28.32% of the total production. The state is far ahead in terms of exports as well.

Due to lockdown, one has to stay at home, the income becomes zero.
Female farmers of Nashik district cultivate grapes. He said that due to the lockdown, we had to stay in the house for several months already. Now if the lockdown happens again, then the problems will increase for us. Because this will affect transportation and our goods farm will not be able to come out. This is the source of income, it seems that now it too will go away by hand.

Yogesh Nikumbhe, a shopkeeper selling grapes in the district, says the state government has called for a lockdown, but we do not know the timing. In such a situation, when the police car appears, we close the shop. He told that storage is the biggest problem of the grape growing farmers. Since it cannot be kept for long, then it is being sold at a cheaper price.

The demand for grapes will increase but the season is about to end
On the other hand, local grape exporter Sanjay Sangle says that this year’s grape is almost over. At present, farmers have only 10 or 15% of the stock left. As the heat is increasing, the demand for grapes is also increasing. This will increase the price of grapes. It was 40 to 45 rupees per kilogram last week, which has now reached 50-55 rupees per kilogram.

Onions are also produced in large quantities in the district. Nashik handles the demand of onions across the country to a large extent. But there is a huge quantity of onion in the market due to the finished goods in the late Kharif season and Rabi season, but the demand is decreasing. Due to this, the farmers of the area are also suffering. On the other hand, the possibility of a lockdown once again has raised concerns.

Gokul Pawar, an onion farmer, says that if the lockdown occurs, the price of onion will not be found. Recalling the previous lockdown, we said that we had to suffer heavy losses even a year ago. Due to the possibility of lockdown this time, the finished goods have to be removed at a cheaper price. Because delay will cause onion to rot.

He said that the market remained closed for about 10 days due to increase in Corona cases in the area, due to which we are selling goods on the highway itself. I spent 5000 for the production, but now it is selling at the rate of Rs 700 per quintal. We have been forced to take out the goods.

Onion supply more and demand less, result sold at less than half price
According to onion trader Imtiaz Patel, the rate has come down due to the high quantity of onions in the market. On the other hand, demand has also decreased due to lockdown. Therefore, onion is coming in the market more than the demand. In such a situation, till the onion of late kharif does not stop, then there will be no effect on the rate.

The retail price of onion in the local market is 15-20 rupees per kg, while onion is being purchased from farmers for 5 rupees. Talking about the wholesale price, it is selling at Rs 11 per kg.

Corona cases are on the rise in the state
In Maharashtra, in the last 24 hours, 47 thousand 288 cases of corona have been reported and 155 have died due to infection. In terms of statistics, Maharashtra has become the largest hotspot in the world. In the case of new cases, Maharashtra is now behind only the US, where in the last 24 hours, 50 thousand 329 patients have been found. The state has a weekend lockdown until April 30, given Corona’s circumstances. Section 144 is also enforced at night.


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