NASAs Rover Perseverance sent spectacular images from Mars – NASA’s rover ‘Perseverance’ sent spectacular images, showed billions of years old rocks and …


Rover arrived on Mars, captured it on camera for the first time

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US space agency NASA’s rover ‘Perseverance’ landed safely on the surface of the red planet on Friday. By far the most risky and historically important mission of this expedition is to find out what life was ever on Mars. Rover, who arrived on Mars, was captured on camera for the first time on Friday. Some photos have been extracted from the high resolution video made by Rover. The surface of Mars is visible in these pictures. Let us tell you that this expedition to Mars started on 30 July last year from Cape Canaveral Space Center in Florida, USA.

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The US space agency said that the rover landed 47.2 million kilometers from the Earth safely on the surface of Mars. Under the campaign, an attempt will also be made to bring pieces of rocks from the planet, which can prove to be important in finding answers to questions related to Mars. Wrote via Rover’s Twitter account that the moment our team had dreamed for years has now come true. We did it with courage.

NASA acting administrator Steve Zurchek said, “This is an important moment for space research at NASA, US and globally.” This will give us more information about Mars, which we will be able to tell others. So that a safe landing can be done on the planet.


Another photo of the rover is taken from the orbiter, this picture is of the time when the rover ‘Perceivers’ was descending into the atmosphere at a speed of hundreds of miles per hour. ‘Perseverance’ is capable of uploading high resolution photos by itself. A flat area is seen in the picture released by it. From this picture it appears that a river and deep lake existed here billions of years ago.


‘Perseverance’ is the largest rover ever sent by NASA and is the ninth Mars mission of the US space agency since the 1970s. Scientists believe that if there had ever been life on Mars, it would have been three to four billion years ago, then water would flow on the planet. Scientists hope that the rover can get an answer to a main question related to philosophy, theology and space science.

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