NASAs probe perspectives sent new pictures of Mars, you will be surprised to see – NASA probe perspectives sent new pictures of Mars, you will also be surprised to see


NASA’s vehicle reached the surface of Mars on February 18

New Delhi:

Probe perspectives on NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover have captured unique pictures of the surface of the red planet through cameras, which scientists on earth had not known before.
NASA took these new pictures on Monday. These are pictures taken after the probe touches the surface of Mars. It is named Image of the Week.

NASA had earlier released photographs taken from Perseverance on Friday. In one of the photographs released at the time, it was seen that the mower’s rover of cables was slowly being taken towards the surface of Mars. For the first time it could be possible to take such pictures of the time of landing of a vehicle on Mars.


NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Arbiter, already orbiting Mars, captured these pictures of landing on the surface of the red planet through a parachute of Perseverance.


Perceivers were moving towards the surface of Mars at a speed of about two thousand kilometers per hour, which reduced the speed to 2.7 kilometers per hour and made a soft landing.


When the rover touched the surface, it also cut the 6.4-meter-long cable automatically, so that there was no obstruction after a safe landing. The pictures coming down from the parachute of Perseverans have excited the scientists.


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