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New Delhi3 minutes ago

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a virtual summit with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday evening. (File)

India and Britain have agreed to double trade in 9 years. This was agreed to in a virtual summit between the Prime Ministers of the two countries on Wednesday. During this time a roadmap for 2030 was also approved. After a summit with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prime Minister Modi called it a success. Said to be a summit producer with my friend and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We have approved an ambitious roadmap for 2030. This will strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Focus not only on trade, but also on defense
One thing worth noting at the summit of Modi and Johnson. On the one hand, while both countries have agreed to double the trade, on the other hand, they have agreed to form a strategic partnership in the defense sector as well. This is also the first time that cyber space and naval cooperation in defense sector and intelligence sharing have been agreed. For India, this partnership becomes very important in this context because, it poses a threat to China and Pakistan.

Britain will increase help on Kovid-19
India is facing a second wave of Kovid-19 these days. Every day around 3 lakhs are getting infected in the country. Many countries have helped India in this difficult period. Britain has also promised to increase aid. Apart from this, both countries will increase cooperation according to the roadmap in the health, technology and energy sectors. India has once again said that it will abide by the terms of the Paris Agreement on the issue of climate.

Strict on terrorism
In addition to many issues in the roadmap, it also mentions counter terrorism. Recently Britain has issued a new policy related to internal security. It mentions cooperation from other countries against terrorism with a policy review. In 2019-20, there was a trade of $ 15.4 billion between the two countries. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement – In the last two years, trade between the two countries has increased significantly. Economically, the two countries are almost close.

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