Narendra Modi; PM Narendra Modi 70th Birthday Special Story | Here's Updates From Bhawana Somaaya Book Letters to Mother | The book 'Letters to Mother' is made from the pages of the diary that Modi was burning in fire 20 years ago; Read the story of his creation, more stories together …

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  • Narendra Modi; PM Narendra Modi 70th Birthday Special Story | Here's Updates From Bhawana Somaaya Book Letters To Mother

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PM Narendra Modi has turned 70 today. Gujarat and before that his life is untold. Modi has recorded this untold period in the pages of his diary, but about 20 years ago he was burning it. During this time, a friend of his name saved those pages by snatching them from Modi and gave the form of a book named 'SakshiBhava' in Gujarati.

Now the same book has been translated by the writer Bhavna Somaiya as 'Letters to Mother' in English. On the occasion of PM Modi's birthday, for the readers of NewsBust India, interesting things related to this book are spoken by Bhavna Somaiya himself.

It was 1986. At this time, a worker of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh i.e. Narendra Modi organized the camp in the rural area. In the dark night, Narendra Modi sat writing his diary in the light of a night lamp. He used to express his feelings in this diary.

The words emanating from his pen, which ran on different issues, were filled with emotions despite being philosophical. His sequence continued uninterrupted for years. It was said to last for decades. Many years passed and an incident happened in 2000, when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Don't know why one day, sitting in the garden, they were tearing the pages of their diary and burning them to fire. Then only a special friend of his would come to meet him. The friend was shocked to see Modi swearing the pages of his own diary. He immediately pulled the diary out of Modi's hands.

He also tried to persuade Modi why he was not appreciating his own creation. The friend thought that Modi should not harm the remaining diary, so he took the rest of the diary with him. This incident too passed for 14 years. Now was the time of 2014 and the place was Bhaidas Auditorium of Mumbai. The occasion was the release of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's book 'SakshiBhava'.

A tremendous energy and excitement was floating in the air in the packed Bhaidas Auditorium. There was a traffic jam on the road outside and more people were gathered outside the auditorium than the people inside. The program commenced and a series of speeches by the speakers began.

Meanwhile, the name of Narendra Modi was announced and the entire hall resonated with a thunderous applause, because now there was a chance for people to know the meaning behind this book. During this, Modi said that this book is the result of continuous encouragement of two persons. The first person in it was Narendrabhai Panchasara, who snatched the diary from Modi's hand, which Modi was burning.

At the same time, the other person was Suresh Dalal, a well-known poet and publisher of Gujarat, who was constantly encouraging Modi to write this book. I still remember each moment of that evening. Because, I was also present in that auditorium. And, I did not even think in my dreams that I am going to get the chance to translate it into English.

Four years later, on one morning in 2018, I was at home. I received a call from a writer friend for my translation of a book written on Sri Krishna. He asked why I am not translating any book now. After this he told me that you should translate the books of Narendra Modi into English.

I knew that this work was very difficult. So I refused, but my friend didn't breathe until I said yes to the translation. Finally I told her that I will try. If I tell you, I said yes to get rid of her.

But then I went to my study room and started reading Narendra Modi's book 'SakshiBhava' from the shelf. Gradually, I drowned in the writing of this book, because this approach was written in style. Narendra Modi used many such cryptic words in this book, for which I had to search the dictionary many times.

Modi's language style is very deep and magnetic and that is why after reading the book completely I decided to translate it into English. Because, I was touched by the transparency of the feelings expressed by him, and especially the need to express myself.

I am not a fulltime writer… I also have to keep my time between jobs and books. Till now I have written all my books in the same way by taking time out. For this book I set a time table and started translating five poems daily.

The first draft of the book was ready. However, the right thing to do was to come only after the drafting of the book. Because, then you are engaged in the yagya of translating the two languages ​​and the expressions expressed in it in a proper way.

Many drafts, re-writing, checking the meaning of words again and again, checking the context of all these works are done only after drafting. Eventually the book's menu was created. All the formalities, protocols and many other things have to be done while preparing the books of celebrities.

Eventually the publisher's name was fixed as 'Harper Collins' and now I was ready to publish the book. For this, I once met Narendra Modi at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai. Now in 2020 the super presentation of this book 'Letters to Mother' goes to our publisher 'Harper Collins'.

Because, this book reached more and more people, it was the idea editor Udayan Mitra. He believed that this book was not a book by the Prime Minister of India and the former Chief Minister of Gujarat, but a commonman. Who has shown the courage to keep his feelings in front of everyone, hidden in his heartbeat. That is why this book should reach all the people of the country.

The book 'Letters to Mother' shows the fear and excitement of the person behind an image. In the preface of the book, PM Narendra Modi writes that the purpose behind publishing it is not to bring any literary work. Rather, his observations and feelings are introduced in this book without any filter. This authenticity of her touched me the most.

An idea may also come from what people will get from this book? So the answer is that first you should express your thoughts on paper daily. The second person should appreciate his creations. They should not be erased under the guise of emotions.

Because, when you put your feelings on paper, your view of the world is also different. And the third is that the person expresses itself with absolutely no authenticity. The biggest thing is that this work also shows your indomitable courage.

So far the whole world is fighting an epidemic, 'Letters to Mother' communicates a hope and determination that we can overcome every crisis and achieve victory. '



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