Nail Artist Used Real Fish For Aquarium Manicure Leaves Internet Angry See Viral Video


Nail artist used real fish in Aquarium Manicure

For something new, a nail artist used a live fish in one of his nail art tutorial videos on Instagram. The video has been shared on the official Instagram account of Nail Salon, Nail Sunny. At the same time, after watching this video, people are expressing their displeasure on social media. In the video that is going viral, a nail artist can be seen putting a live fish in a mini aquarium made of acrylic nails.

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Watch Video:

The tutorial video begins with the artist creating the nail with aqua blue and silver glitter polish. The artist then takes a small fish out of the water tank and puts it in a small acrylic aquarium built on a nail. The fish appears to have been put inside the acrylic nail just as an example, as it was put back into the tank at the end of the video. It has been said in the caption that no animal was hurt during the making of this video. “Aquarium. No fish were harmed #tutorialnailsunny.”

Many social media users have expressed their displeasure over the use of live fish by nail artists during aquarium manicure. One Instagram user wrote – I really enjoy watching this video, but in reality it was too much. Another user has said that, it is bad for the fish. Another user wrote that, what do you mean there is no harm, it needs to swim to breathe.


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