Nahak Motors Launched Streets Electric Bicycle Garuda and Zippy 35km+ on Throttle | E-cycle running up to 40km on full charge, 1km cost only 10 paise; will also take care of health

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  • Nahak Motors Launched Streets Electric Bicycle Garuda And Zippy 35km+ On Throttle

New Delhi40 minutes ago

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Even after hitting the not out century, petrol prices are making new records every day. Petrol prices in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have now exceeded Rs 110 per liter. The budget of the people is also getting messed up due to rising petrol prices. In such a situation, if you travel 35 to 40 kms daily, then an electric bicycle of unnecessary motors can also become the best option for you. The company has launched two e-cycles Zippy and Garuna.

1 km cost 10 paise
Both the Zippy and Garuna electric cycles from Naahak Motors come with the same range. Both the cycles have a 36V swappable lithium-ion battery. The company says that it gets fully charged in 3 to 4 hours. The special thing is that it can be charged from the normal socket of the house. It will be fully charged in one unit. Its range will be around 40 km on a single charge. That is, the cost of 1 km will be only 10 paise.

Booking is being done for Rs 2999
The company has started pre-booking of both the e-cycles. The cycle can be booked by paying Rs 2,999. The Garuna is priced at Rs 31,999 and the Zippy is priced at Rs 33,499. The top speed of the cycle is 25km/h. If it is driven with a little pedal, then its range becomes more than 50 kilometers. It has 5 level pedal assist and 7 speed gear set. The loading capacity of the cycle is 120 kg. If you run it with the pedal, then your weight will decrease and stamina will increase. Also, your fitness will also improve.

Specifications of Naahak E-Cycle

The specifications of Garuna and Zippy are similar. The only difference between the two cycles is the design. Garuna has been made for boys and Zippy according to wood. The bike has a 250 watt hub motor. It is equipped with disc brake. It has an LED display screen. The battery is attached separately to the bicycle. In this case, you can take out the battery and take it indoors and charge it. It will get technology like paddle sensor. Headlight and integrated horn are also provided at the front of the bicycle.

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