My name is…: Republican senator was ridiculed for mocking Kamala Harriss name – My name is…

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US President Election 2020: Democratic presidential hopefuls raise support for Kamala Harris


US President Election 2020: In the US presidential election, mocking the name of the Democratic Party’s deputy presidential candidate and Indian-origin Kamala Harris is seen to be overshadowing the Republican Party. Thousands of people have expressed support for Kamala Harris with the hashtag “MyNameIs” on social media in response to Republican Senator David Purdue’s action.

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In the US election, this time the presidential contest is between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Biden has declared Kamala Harris the candidate for the post of Vice President. While Trump has re-appointed Mike Pence as Vice President.

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Actually, at an election rally in Georgia, Pardew called Kamla Harris as Kah, Mah, Lah. Purdue did not stop. He made Harris laugh by saying Kamala, Mala, Mala, but the public took this comment made with racial sentiment and explained to Pardew the meaning of his name. Harris supporters also started an online campaign named ‘MyNameIs’ and ‘IstandwithKamala’.

Harris spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said that former Senator David Pardew, you can call her to be Vice President Kamala Harris. Thousands of people criticized Purdue on social media and explained the meaning of his name and his birthplace.

Preet Bharara also appeared
Preet Bharara, former Attorney General of New York’s South District, tweeted, ‘My name is Preet, which means love.’ Meena Harris tweeted, ‘My name is Meenakshi. I was named after the Hindu goddess and my great-grandmother. I belong to strong women who have taught me to be proud of my heritage and to ask for respect, especially from racially white men like ‘Sendavidperdue’ who fear us. ‘

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