Muting of democratic India continues, govts arrogance has brought economic disaster for the country: Rahul Gandhi

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new Delhi:

The government is facing severe criticism over the suspension of eight opposition MPs following an uproar in the Rajya Sabha over the Kisan Bill, and various opposition leaders have accused the Narendra Modi government of the Center as autocratic. That she is suppressing the voice of the opposition in an undemocratic manner. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that the voice of democratic India continues to be suppressed, the pride of the government has brought economic crisis for the entire country.

Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet, "Continuing to suppress the voice of democratic India: Initially they were silenced, and later MPs were suspended in Parliament by turning their back on farmers' concerns about black agricultural laws … The never ending boast of the 'omniscient' government has caused an economic crisis for the entire country … "

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