Mumbais auto driver sold house for granddaughters education, then got 24 lakh rupees in donations


Mumbai’s auto driver sold house for granddaughter’s education, then got 24 lakh rupees in donations

Recently the heart touching story of a Mumbai auto driver became quite viral on social media. Due to financial constraints, 74-year-old Deshraj sold his house to teach his granddaughter. After the death of the son, the elder Desraj ji, who is responsible for his children and wife, works hard. A Facebook page called Humans of Bombay shared this heartbreaking story and appealed to people for help. The goal was to raise Rs 20 lakh through this initiative, but this amount has been collected much more than this. Now 24 lakh rupees have been collected through this initiative and the check has been handed over to the auto driver.

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Humans of Bombay, while sharing the story of Desraj, an auto rickshaw driver, wrote that, 6 years ago, my elder son went missing from home. He left home for work and never returned. His son’s body was found a week later. The 40-year-old son of Desraj, who runs an auto near Khar in Mumbai, died, but his elderly father could not even find time to mourn him.

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Desraj told that, when my granddaughter achieved 80 percent marks in the 12th class board examination, the whole day, I gave free rides to the customers to celebrate. After this, when her granddaughter said that she wants to go to Delhi for B.Ed course. So once again a big problem arose in front of Desraj. Desraj knew that he would not be able to collect so much money. However, he did not give up and he sold his house and got his granddaughter enrolled in a Delhi school.


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