Mumbai: The young man stopped the car of Ajay Devgan and heard the scuffle, said – He is against Punjab


Ajay Devgan was sitting in the car and the young man standing in front was listening to him.


A person stopped the car of actor Ajay Devgan on the Santosh Nagar Film City Road in Goregaon East in Mumbai (Mumbai) at around 9 am today and heard a scuffle. This man named Rajveer Singh stood in front of Ajay Devgan’s car and started pointing at him and shouting that he was against Punjab. He was calling Ajay Devgan outright for not supporting the Farmers Movement.

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This incident happened when actor Ajay Devgan was going to Film City. Suddenly Rajveer Singh stopped Ajay Devgan’s car and started shouting. In the video viral of this incident, Rajveer Singh is heard saying that how do you digest bread?

According to the police, Rajvir Singh stopped Ajay Devgan’s car for 15 minutes. He has been arrested by the police. In 2014, the young man Rajveer Singh came to become a dancer. When he could not make his career in it, he became a driver.


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