Mumbai: Sister hatches creepy plot to avenge brothers murder – Sister sets honey trap to avenge brother’s murder, plot becomes successful but …


To avenge the brother’s murder, the sister identified with the accused and then called to meet (symbolic photo)

Special things

  • Brother’s murder was done in 2020
  • Police was unable to catch accused Sadiq
  • In such a situation, the sister made a special plan to take revenge.


Aarey Colony Police of Mumbai for revenge Honey trap, Has exposed a case of kidnapping and attempt to murder, which any one will hear with a finger. There is a sister plotting revenge whose brother was killed in a local gang war on 9 June 2020 in Malvani. The gang-war took place between Malwani’s MM company and Sajid 313 Group regarding auto rickshaw parking. Mohammed Sadiq alias Mantle of MM Company killed 24-year-old Altaf Shaikh of Sajid 313 Group, after which he fled to Delhi. When the police failed to apprehend accused Mohammad Sadiq despite repeated pleas, the sister decided to take revenge herself. He created a fake ID on Instagram and by sending messages to the accused continuously, he added identity and then called Malad on the pretext of meeting, but the accused confessed to coming to Aarey Colony of Goregaon instead of Malad.

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As soon as 9 January In Sadiq Aarey colony reached the designated place, the accused already standing in the ambulance forcibly made him sit in the ambulance and kept walking. According to Zone 11 DCP Dr DS Swamy, the way he was seated in the ambulance, the person present had a case Felt a mess and he informed the police. The police immediately put a blockade all around.

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When the police reached the owner after taking out the details of the ambulance, it was found that due to the end of diesel in Kandivali, they all left the ambulance and went ahead in the Innova. During the search of all the vehicles at the Dahisar check naka, similar people were found sitting in an invo The police immediately detained everyone and rescued Sadiq from the clutches of the murder accused. Weapons were also recovered from the vehicle. After questioning the accused, it was found that his plan was to kill Sadiq by taking him to Naigaon. 5 accused arrested from the spot have been arrested. Police are still keeping silence on Bahn and fake Instagram IDs.


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