Mumbai Schools Stops Students Education For Not Paying Fees Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown


Deepak Salvi’s son, who is associated with the transport business, studies in this school. Till now, they used to pay fees for a year at the beginning of the school itself, but business has come to a standstill for one and a half years, which has affected their pockets. Barely able to drive home. It is not possible to pay the fees at the moment. Similar is the story of Uday Ahire. They work as drivers and want to work hard to educate their children in a good school. Everything was going well till now, but
Corona has had an impact on their pocket as well as the future of the children. There are many more like them.

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Deepak Salvi said, ‘We are not refusing to pay the fees, we will pay but at the moment we are all worried. Our jobs are gone, we don’t have jobs. You are asking to pay fees by stopping the education of children, this is very wrong.

Uday Ahire said about this, ‘The situation of our people is very bad. My mother was undergoing treatment for cancer for a year. He died on the 9th. Because of this, I got in a lot of trouble. I requested him a lot, but he said that our hands are tied, we get orders from above, from Dadar. We do what they say.

Reena Prajapati says, ‘Today’s child is tomorrow’s future. They don’t see it, they just have to fill their vault. Sara Sayyed’s two children, who lived in this small house in Malvani area of ​​Mumbai, studied in English school. Sara used to go to weddings and apply mehndi, but for one and a half year the work is negligible. She is running the house by asking for ration from the people. In the school where his children studied, he could not pay this fee last year. He asked for a few days’ time from school, but nothing happened. Due to his financial circumstances, he expelled his children from school.

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He said, ‘My children used to come with good marks. Used to say for both that children are good in studies, no complaint. Till the ration, we are taking food from others. The free wheat that is on the ration card of the next day, they are taking care of the house by getting them ordered. Laxmi Kamble, who lives in Mankhurd area of ​​Mumbai, is the only earner in her house. She was running her house by selling vegetables, could not pay the fees, so her daughter was not sent from class 6 to class 7. The daughter is now forced to stay at home without studies.

Lakshmi Kamble said, ‘I had absolutely no money, so where should I fill it? Right now everyone is upset in the lockdown, so from whom should I ask for money? That’s why now I am quietly at home, what should I tell them.’ State Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad tweeted and said that action will be taken against stopping the education of any child, but it is not showing any effect on the ground. Along with this, a PIL has also been filed in the Bombay High Court against the increased fees, whose next hearing will be held on June 22.

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