Mumbai Police shares picture of Mona Lisa Shown sitting in the car with her seat belt on


Mumbai Police put ‘Mona Lisa’ in the car and put seat belts, people laughing

Mumbai Police often uses their social media handles to share creative information to share creative posts. The Mumbai police posted a fun post asking people to follow the road safety rules. On seeing the post, people got laughed and laughed. Mumbai Police posted a funny photo. The post on social media is becoming quite viral.

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The Mumbai Police shared an image with the post on its official Twitter and Instagram account on 12 January. The caption accompanying this photo reads, “The Vinci Code of Safety” and used the hashtags, #RoadSafetyWeek and #WearSeatbelt.

The picture depicts the famous painting, Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa is shown sitting in a car with a seat belt. The picture, along with the play of words, means one should always wear a seat belt on the road, as the Mona Lisa does.


If you are impressed by the creativity of Mumbai Police, then know that you are not alone. Since being shared on the photo and video sharing platform, the post has attracted the attention of netizens. It currently has around 15,000 likes and has collected several comments as well.

One user wrote, ‘Amazing creativity.’ The other user wrote, ‘True, the seat belt actually saves lives. Mumbai Police is very good.


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