Mumbai Police prepares army of special police officers to fight against Corona and to make follow the Covid protocol


Mumbai Coronavirus Cases: Police Friends Will Follow Corona Protocol


Mumbai Police (Mumbai Police) has prepared an army of special police officers to implement restrictions related to the Corona epidemic. These officers have been assisting the police in the blockade to contention areas and markets. Mumbai Police has appointed local youths as Special Police Officers, who have been under blockade to assist in following the Kovid protocol during the Corona era. Help required to follow the rules and in the maintenance zone.

Such youth are working as police friends in all the 91 police stations of Mumbai. The Mumbai Police has appointed to follow the rules and help the needy in the Corona era. DCP and Mumbai Police spokesperson S Chaitanya said that the authority to appoint a special police officer is the officer of DCP and ACP level. They are being appointed for other works outside the seal building.

They work together with an officer of the local police station. Only youths of the area who have no criminal record and wish to help the police have been appointed. Such youths have been given appointment letters of special police officers. Pi Kandivali’s Vijay Kandalgaonkar explains to them how to talk … what to do and what not to do.

It is worth mentioning that earlier BMC had appointed marshals to follow the rules of Corona in Mumbai. However, in many places, people clashed with marshals after being advised to follow the Kovid rules. There was a clash in many places over the invoice for not wearing a mask.


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