Mumbai police busted extortion racket in the name of morphed account, three arrested


Although the gang members are less educated but they have taken training on how to make videos on the internet.

Special things

  • Three people were arrested in this case
  • Fake accounts were created by putting pictures of beautiful girls
  • Used to increase social gathering through messenger, then blackmail


The Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell has exposed a sextortion racket gang. A total of 3 people have been arrested in the case, who create fake accounts by putting pictures of beautiful girls on Facebook and Instagram, then make contact with people first through messenger on the pretext of friendship, then chat through WhatsApp on mobile phones and then suddenly make video calls Used to show porn movies. If the person in front showed interest in him, he used to grab his screen shots and blackmail him.

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According to Joint CP Milind Bharambe, although the gang members are less educated but they have taken 3 days special training on how to make videos on the internet. These people used to research on social media first and find their worth. In which the eminent people of the society such as IPS, ISS, Neta, MLA, MP, Bollywood and big people of media were included. Whoever got caught in his tricks, then blackmailed him. Earlier, they used to ask for four to five thousand rupees, who would give money and then they used to charge lakhs for money again and again.

According to Cyber ​​Police DCP Rashmi Karandikar, on receipt of sextortion complaint, separate teams were registered in two cases and then the accused were identified and with the help of Rajasthan and Haryana Police, three accused have been arrested and brought to Mumbai. Police found in the investigation that the accused have used 54 mobile phones for their cheating. Through which 171 Facebook and 5 Instagram profiles were created and 58 bank accounts were used for money transactions.


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