Mumbai: On the advice of the sick wife, the husband is distributing oxygen cylinders to the COVID patients for free


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In this crisis period of Coronavirus infection, while there are some people who are not missing out on taking advantage of the helplessness of the people, there are also some people who are poor Helpful Have emerged. A family of Malvani in Mumbai (Mumbai) has come forward these days as the Messiah for the poor needy. Pascal Saldana, together with his son, helps sick needy families suffering from corona Oxygen They are giving cylinders, that too for free.

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Rosie Saldhana, who was once a school teacher, is first on brain dialysis with brain haemorrhage, then paralysis and now both have kidney failure. The house needs oxygen for itself, but in the month of April, when anyone else needs that cylinder, giving oxygen cylinders to the needy for free has become the campaign of this family.

Shalom Saldhana, son of Rosie Saldhana, says, “From the time we gave the oxygen cylinder of mummy, people have come this way since then and we see their Aadhar card and doctor’s prescription.” Pascal Saldhana said That he likes to help the poor. She doesn’t think I’m sick, or what will happen next? She thinks of poor people to be good.

Pascal’s decoration work is closed, so together with his son, he is now fully engaged in helping the people.


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