Mumbai: Now even children are suffering from coronavirus, need to be vaccinated


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Third wave of Coronavirus infection for children Great difficulty Can be made because there is neither a vaccine for them nor Such a large number Has a separate ICU-Kovid ward. In the current wave, 10% of children are getting infected. In the previous wave, this number was 1 to 2%. This time children are also in need of ICU. Six year old girl Trisha Sanjay Kadam suffers from Multisystem inflammatory syndrome. This is a disease that is seen in children infected with Kovid. Trisha had to be admitted to the ICU. Her Kovid The report is negative but anti body positive came, that is, a few weeks before being admitted, the girl had an infection.

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Ankita Sanjay Kadam, the girl’s mother, said that “the girl had fever, then had a stomach ache.” Trouble increased, so we showed the doctor. His blood pressure started to decrease, fever began to increase. The doctor helped a lot. Had to enroll in ICU early. My baby girl is recovering with the help of doctors and staff. Realize that my baby girl is born second.

Dr. Amish Vora, Secretary of Mumbai Intensive Care and Head of Critical Care of Sparsh Children Hospital, says that only 30-40% of Trisha’s heart has been able to recover. Dr. Vora said that “the baby’s blood pressure was very low, we admitted to the ICU. Had to give three medicines for blood pressure, had to give steroid, that too highs. Heart is still not fully recorded. It has been a week, the girl is looking normal now, but her heart is still running 30-40%. For this, we will have to keep following up, so that the heart can recover quickly. ”

Doctors say that earlier where 1 to 2% of children were showing infection, now 10% is seen. It is a matter of concern that children are not vaccinated due to fear of third wave.

Dr. Jessel Seth, Fortis Hospital Pediatrician in Mulund, Mumbai, said that “this time the effect of Kovid is more visible in children than last time.” Most children recover under home quarantine or doctor’s monitoring, but this time children have to be admitted. In some we are also seeing adult covid pattern, but still there are not many children who have severe pneumonia and beds of ICU-O2. But when the strain changes or in the third wave, the number of such children will also increase. Lack of vaccination of children will also be a reason that children can become more infected in the third wave.

Dr. Amish Vora said that “last year only 1 to 2% of children were getting infection, but this time the official data is telling that 10% of children are getting infection. One child is getting infected in front of ten adults. The trial of the children’s vaccine is just beginning, but it will be delayed till the third wave, so some more preparations will have to be made in view of the children. Just like ICUs are very less for children, so do not keep them closed wherever there are ICUs so that children who need them can be recruited. ”

In Mumbai, 411 children under 10 years have been infected in the last six days. With regard to the third wave, there is a preparation to make a separate kovid ward for children in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, experts demand that the vaccine should be prepared as soon as possible for those below 18 years.


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