Mumbai Metro will run again after a gap of 7 months, many rules will have to be taken care of – Mumbai Metro will run again after a gap of 7 months, many rules have to be kept in mind

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Only 300 people allowed in a metro


After being closed for almost 7 months, Mumbai Metro (Mumbai Metro) is being started once again for the common man. Along with social distancing, many rules have been made to protect against corona, which will be mandatory to follow. Like now 300 people will be allowed to travel in the metro at a time. Where earlier about 1300 to 1500 people used to travel in it.

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Mumbai Metro CEO Abhay Kumar Mishra told NewsBust, “Taking care of social distancing, we have allowed only 300 people to go at a time .. As the crowd increases, things will be changed.”

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200 trains will be run every day in the metro running from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm. Earlier it was 450. Apart from this, people have to take care of social distancing. To make the least use of AC, the door will be opened for longer time at each station so that air can enter. People’s temperature will be checked and there will be more emphasis on online payment.

Mumbai Metro CEO said, “Instead of giving tokens as before, people will be given paper tickets so that the danger is limited, as well as many facilities for online payment will be present.”

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Most of the office goers use the metro running from Ghatkopar to Versova. Since the lockdown, where many hours of people were wasted due to traffic on the road, the people are expected to get relief from the resumption of the metro.

A big difference between the Mumbai Local and Mumbai Metro is that currently people connected with essential services are being allowed to travel in the local, but everyone can travel in the Metro, provided they follow all the rules.

Mumbai Metro preparations complete, service will start from Monday after 7 months

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