Mumbai: Lockdown affects financially weaker sections, life is not returning on track


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Considering the threat of the second wave of Coronavirus, where night curfew has been introduced in many places and there is talk of strictness in future, there are many laborers in Mumbai (Mumbai) who are the first lockdown Haven’t recovered from the problem of (Lockdown) yet. Also, the help announced by the government (Government) has also not reached them yet.

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67-year-old Kausar Sheikh, who lives in a small slum in Mankhurd area of ​​Mumbai, is a diabetic patient. There is no one in his family. Due to poor health, she is no longer able to go to work. Before the lockdown, the locals used to help them, but now the condition of the people is bad, very few people help them. Her husband died a few years ago. Due to lack of death certificate, they do not get any pension. They are completely dependent on other people. If someone gives food, he eats, otherwise he falls asleep hungry.

Kausar Sheikh said, “If someone has a mind, someone gives it in the evening or in the morning … if I don’t give it, I live like this .. What can I do .. Two kilograms of rice and 3 kg of wheat are available in the ration. .. what will happen to him? I am not able to buy Bhaji .. I eat dry and dry. Nothing ever happened to the government.

The same situation is with Asru Nisha and his family. Her husband works as a laborer but does not get any work for a long time. Even now, sometimes there is work, never .. There is a small house, in which children and whole family live. Those who borrowed in lockdown are unable to repay. Now we are not getting any money for not getting work. Asaru Nisha says, “There is a lot of trouble, neither does it get food, nor does it get money, nor does it get worn.” There is a lockdown, now the lockdown should end.

Similar stories exist in all the slums across the country including Mumbai. Mumtaz, secretary of the Mahila Mandal Federation, says that “people who depend on others have been the most affected.” Like Naka workers, people who choose to trash, people who work at home, transgender people, all these have been affected.


A package of 20 lakh crore rupees was announced by the government to provide relief to the people from the problems of lockdown, but now it has been revealed in the RTI that only about 3 lakh crores have been approved so far. Questions are now being raised regarding this.

RTI activist Praful Sarada told that “From the response I have received, it has been shown that the government has done jumla .. So far there have been only 3 lakh crore sections. Out of that only one lakh 18 thousand crores have been dispensed, what happened to the rest of the package of 17-18 lakh crores? The common man has not got any relief from this.


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