Mumbai: Encouragement of health workers before the biggest vaccination campaign, Covid warriors honored – Health workers cheered before the biggest vaccination campaign, Kovid warriors honored


Mumbai, which is the worst-hit by Corona, now has around 400-500 cases a day and deaths have reduced to less than 10. The warriors who brought Corona under control, will now carry out the vaccination campaign. In such a situation, every big award is low but the courage remains, so the BMC is determined to honor them.

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The country’s first makeshift Kovid Jumbo-BKC Hospital, where the warriors did not let a single patient die. Nurses, from wardboys to housekeeping were honored here. Corona warrior and housekeeping staff Shashi said that it was very nice to give us such honors by calling us on stage. Worked so hard, liked that he was appreciated in front of everyone.

Staff nurse Deepali Bhagwat said, “I was very scared, we could not go home, but we used to fear that we should not infect the housemates.” While there, technician Shoaib Siddiqui said, ” ‘Feeling so good that something was done in life that society did something good for the people.’

Dr. Rajesh Dere, Dean of BKC Kovid Jumbo Facility, said, “Everyone has done a great job, but on stage we called only some 50 people, who could be honored, so what would happen if the vaccination started.” In this too, the healthworker has to work for 6-8 months, and if more patients grow unfortunately then it is very important to give courage to our team. ”

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Additional Municipal Commissioner Suresh Kakani, who is responsible for the health of Mumbai city, is making people believe about the vaccine, calling the vaccination a turning point. He said, “We never felt scared, started the screening from day one, worked day and night when a lot of cases increased in the middle, and now it has been brought under control.” Now this is the turning point, now if we vaccinate everyone, then everyone will get the strength to fight this disease, and then we will be fully successful. ”

Maharashtra suffered a lot in this one-year corona battle. 16,000 health workers were infected, 178 died. Vaccination, be the last battle to beat Corona, now everyone is just in this hope.


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