Mumbai Dadar Muttu Dosa Corner Rajinikanth Style Dosa Unique Style of Serving Dosa See Viral Video – The man made a dosa in Rajinikanth style, like a machine with a hand made plate


The man made the dosa in ‘Rajinikanth’ style, like a plate like a machine – see video

If you are a Mumbai street food lover, then you must have come to the famous Muthu Dosa Corner. Here you must have eaten Tasty Masala Dosa and Mysore Masala Dosa. It is not just the taste that attracts customers. They also have a different swag to serve. Inspired by South Indian superstar Rajinikanth, the owner of the stall acts like a machine. They make dosa like a machine. Muthu is such a big fan of Rajinikanth, that the dosa created by him is called ‘Rajinikanth’ Style Dosa. Video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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A Facebook page called Street Food Recipe uploaded a video of the entire dosa making and serving process, which is being shared extensively and is winning hearts online. Watch the video here:


Needless to say that the video has gone viral and has received more than 1 lakh shares and over 20,000 comments. People made fun comments and called this dosa the most tasty. One user wrote, ‘The best dosa ever. Muthu Uncle makes the dosa more tasty with his sweet smile. I have been coming here since childhood, but no hotel or restaurant can make such a dosa.

The other user wrote, ‘The way Uncle served the dosa, it was fun to see him. The plate slipped and reached another place. If you are tempted to try this dosa, you can visit Muthu Dosa Corner in Hindmata in Dadar.


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