Mumbai: BMC strict on Coronavirus case increases, mayor says, lockdown if rules are not followed by public


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In view of the increasing cases of corona in Mumbai, the BMC, which came into action, has started strictly enforcing the rules. Now once again, after getting 5 cases of corona in the buildings of Mumbai, the building is being sealed, people’s invoices are being cut for not wearing masks.

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Mumbai’s mayor Kishori Pednekar was seen distributing masks to the people himself at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, where the BMC has issued strict guidelines, the Mayor once again reiterated that if the rules are not followed and the cases escalate then there may be a possibility of imposing a lockdown.

Mayor Kishori Pednekar said, “I want to say through your channel that if people do not strictly follow the rules and matters will escalate, then there may be a situation of imposing a lockdown, to avoid this people have to follow the whole rules . “

On Friday, 823 cases of Corona were found in Mumbai, which is the highest since December month. Therefore, the administration has now started to seal the building in a strict manner, if more than 5 corona infected patients are found in a building. More than 250 buildings have been sealed in Mumbai.


The BMC has now also increased the number of marshals in the city who are taking action against those who roam without masks. According to data from the administration, on Friday, 13,592 people in Mumbai were cut off their invoices for not wearing masks. BMC has imposed a penalty of Rs 27,18,400 on Friday.

Apart from strictly enforcing the rules on behalf of the administration, the administration is also repeatedly appealing to the people to follow all the rules and it is being warned that if people are not alert, in addition to lockdown There is no synonym left.


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