Mukesh Ambani scare case NIA enquires parambir singh and former encounter specialist pradeep sharma – Ambani threat case: NIA eyeing connection between accused Vinayak Shinde and former encounter specialist


NIA interrogated Parambir Singh and Pradeep Sharma in Ambani threat case.

Mumbai :

The NIA probing the Mukesh Ambani bomb threat case questioned two important persons on Wednesday. One from former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh and another former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma. Both of them have connection with the main accused in the case, API Sachin Waze, so both have been summoned by the NIA in that regard.

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Pradeep Sharma is a former encounter specialist and Sachin Vaz has worked in his unit before. Not only this, Vinayak Shinde, a former police constable arrested for Mansukh’s murder, had also worked with him.

According to sources, questions related to the relationship of both of them and recently meeting or talking to Pradeep Sharma were asked. Sources also claim that Vinayak Shinde’s location has also been found in Andheri, where Pradeep Sharma lives. Apart from this, Pradeep Sharma also went to Mumbai Police Headquarters on 2 March.

Pradeep Sharma has refused to say anything on this, but according to sources close to him, he had not met Vinayak Shinde for the last 5 years. Apart from meeting Sachin Vazh at the police headquarters on 2 March, there was a talk on the phone itself. Pradeep Sharma, in a statement to the NIA, denied having any concern with both the terror conspiracy and Mansukh Murder.

Sachin Waje’s posting was done on the orders of former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh: Report

New connection between Sachin Vaze and Parambir Singh

The report made by the Mumbai Police to the Home Department became public on March 30, when Parambir Singh, who is currently accusing Home Guard DG and Home Minister Anil Deshmukh of targeting a recovery of Rs 100 crore. According to that report, the person who brought him to the Criminal Intelligence Unit was Parambir Singh himself and used to report directly to him. Not only that, who had to call, arrest or make a witness, he used to give all these orders to himself. The NIA raised questions related to Vazha’s conspiracy to Parambir Singh and tried to know if he too knew about all this?


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