Mrs World arrested for stripped Crown of Mrs Sri Lanka and injuring her


Significantly, Mrs World Contest took place in Sri Lanka, where a big uproar took place. On Sunday, beauty queen Pushpika De Silva won the title of “Mrs. Sri Lanka”. Moments after Silva concluded his victory journey, Mrs World and Caroline Jurie of the 2019 Mrs Sri Lanka Carol Jury on the current throne snatched the crown from Mrs De Silva’s head and honored the first runner-up.

The Caroline jury also gave clarification. In a video uploaded by the Colombo Gazette, Mrs Juri told the forum that a divorced woman cannot hold the crown as per rules. He said, ‘There is a rule that you have to get married and not get divorced. Therefore, I am taking the first step by saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up. This entire incident was telecast on National TV.

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On Monday, Mrs De Silva wrote in a Facebook post that her head had suffered injuries from the incident. She wrote in her statement, ‘As I write this, I responsibly say that I am not a divorced woman. If I am divorced, I challenge them to submit their divorce papers.

At the same time, he said, ‘Even though that symbolic crown has been taken from my head, I would like to inform you that I have already taken the necessary legal action to correct injustice and humiliation.’

On the action of Mrs. Jury, she said, ‘A real queen cannot be a woman who snatches the crown of another woman and crowns another woman secretly.’

The pageant officials then confirmed that Mrs de Silva was not divorced and would return the crown. In this regard, Mr. Sri Lankan World’s National Director, Chandimal Jaisinghe told the BBC that he was a mark of this incident. He said, “The way Caroline Juri behaved on stage was quite disrespectful.”

According to the report, the police questioned Mrs Jury and Jaisinghe about the incident. After being re-crowned on Tuesday, Mrs de Silva told the press that she dedicates this crown to all single mothers of Sri Lanka.

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