MP Police to find out if the owner of 3-year-old dog war has reached the Police Station, DNA test will find out … – Madhya Pradesh: DNA test of 3-year-old dog done, know why to take police Made this decision


According to MP Police, two people are claiming on 3-year-old Labrador Dog


The dog recognizes its owner, but when the same baffles, the police and the court-court come up. A similar incident has come to light in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), where the war between two families is in the news over the identity of the real owner of the Labrador dog. The police were also surprised when the matter reached a legal frame. But despite a lot of headaches, she could not find the real owner. Therefore, the police has decided to conduct a DNA test of the dog to identify the real owner.

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Actually, Shadab Khan is telling his 3-year-old Labrador his cocoa, then Kritik Shivhare claims that he is his dog Tiger. Shadab Khan says that his cocoa was lost about 3 months ago, the information of which he had lodged in the countryside police station in August. On November 18, Shadab reached the house of Kritik Shivhare on receiving information about the dog being in Malakhedi. Both of them had a debate and had to call the police.


Labrador Dog

Shadab complained to the police the next day with some photographs and documents. Kritik is the leader of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and he too reached the police station and presented his claim. After the claims of both sides, when the police could not reach any conclusion, it was decided to have his DNA test done and blood samples were taken. Hemant Srivastava, in-charge of Hoshangabad countryside police station, says that after the DNA report will be sent to the concerned owner.


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