MP: Hospitals struggling with lack of oxygen, the government said- Delhi is talking


When the oxygen ran out in the hospital, the hospital asked to be taken elsewhere


The corona admitted in many hospitals of Madhya Pradesh has become the lifeblood of patients, as these hospitals are suffering from lack of oxygen. The situation is very bad in the capital Bhopal too. Here, the government says that they are constantly in touch with Delhi, so that the availability of oxygen continues to increase. On Tuesday, Ashok Rai of Mandideep stayed outside the city hospital in Bhopal. When the oxygen in Mandideep hospital ran out, the hospital asked to be taken elsewhere. Ashok Rai went to another hospital but was not admitted. The hospital’s public relations officer Ashish Goswami said that every day the hospital needs 90 oxygen cylinders, but only 30 are getting. One patient died due to lack of oxygen on Tuesday morning, four in the afternoon, 6 deaths have taken place in total. On the other hand, no one wants to speak out of fear of governance. Somehow, when the PRO officer talked to NewsBust, he got his job taken away. Alam is that neither cylinder has come nor dealer has come for the last 7 days.

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Similarly, RD Gardi Medical College of Ujjain division is also facing shortage of oxygen. The hospital administration has alleged that Rs 19 crore has not yet been paid for corona treatment, due to which there may be problems in the treatment of corona patients in the future. The government has contracted a total of 200 beds from the hospital, out of which 140 are oxygen and 60 are common. The hospital administration says that the oxygen cylinder is not being found, and if it is being found, then for the jumbo cylinder which was earlier 4500 rupees, now 15 thousand are being asked for it. Dr. MK Rathore, DN of the hospital said, “If there is no supply of oxygen, it will be difficult to run 140 beds, our staff says that 70 or 60 beds can give oxygen. We are buying at a higher price, yet the supply is not getting equal. Suppliers are writing and will take 15 thousand rupees per cylinder. About 19 crore rupees have not been paid by the government. We are struggling with financial crisis, every day we have to give 50 thousand rupees of PPE kit, two-and-a-half lakh rupees of oxygen cylinder, the entire hospital has been taken for Kovid. Finished our income. Compensation is not even received. “

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At the same time, the news of lack of oxygen in Madhav Nagar Kovid Hospital in Ujjain itself is coming out. Due to breathing problems here, many patients were admitted to the OPD and lying on the floor, and put oxygen on them there. The condition of hospitals in Rajdhani Bhopal is also not good. Due to the lack of oxygen here, the Neuron Hospital got the family members of the patients filled in a self-proclaimed form, in which it was written, “The hospital has shortages of oxygen and Remedisvir.” If there is any untoward incident due to stopping the supply of oxygen, then it will not be the responsibility of the hospital. ” When this matter comes to the fore, the hospital administration says that it was done only one day, but now it is not just recruiting serious patients. Dr. Dhananjay Mishra of the hospital said, “There is a lot of shortage of oxygen and remedies, so serious patients are not admitted. Only taking mild-to-moderate patients. “

On lack of oxygen in the state, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan says, “Get beds but want oxygen. Oxygen was 130 metric tons on 8 April, 180 metric tons on 9 April. 267 metric tons on 12 April. I I am in constant touch with Delhi. I am talking the most, so that the availability of oxygen keeps increasing. “

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