MP hindi news: judge organized devendra chaurasia Murder case trial fears for life


Congress leader Devendra Chaurasia was assassinated in March 2019.


The judge, who is hearing the case of Congress leader Devendra Chaurasia murder case in Madhya Pradesh, has feared the police to make false accusations and reduce the unpleasantness. Congress leader Devendra Chaurasia murder case is going on in the Second Additional Sessions Court of Hata. Govind Singh, husband of BSP MLA Rambai from Patharia, is the main accused in the case. The Second Additional Sessions Judge, who is hearing the case, has himself suspected of making serious false allegations in the future by the police and committing any untoward incident.

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The Second Additional Sessions Judge has written in an order seat that the matter for which they are hearing is being processed on the directions of the Supreme Court. But the accused are highly influential and political. Applications have been made against him to the Honorable District Judge. Which the District Judge found to be false and the application was also rejected, but now the accused, along with the police, are being made false and concocted pressure against them.

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He said that police officers can make serious false allegations against him in future and any untoward incident can be done. The Second Additional Sessions Judge has asked the Sessions Judge to transfer the case to another court.

In Madhya Pradesh, Cabinet Minister Vishwas Sarang said, “I don’t know in which context it is written, but MP is going smoothly, this situation was definitely during the Congress.” In 15 months, an atmosphere of chaos was created, in order to save the government, people were not arrested in 15 months. We will never be given protection to anyone, it will be sure that the place of criminal is behind bars in Madhya Pradesh.


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Former Finance Minister and Congress MLA Tarun Bhanot said that the issue you are saying is very serious, if the judge feels that his life is in danger. The government should review law and order, as a responsible opposition, we will raise this issue in the House.


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