MP Board: Madhya pradesh girl who cycled 24 km daily to reach school scores 98.75 percent marks in 10th class – MP Board: 24 kilometers cycling school going to school, brought hard colors, achieved 98.75 percent marks in 10th class


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A 15-year-old girl living in a village in Madhya Pradesh has secured 98.75 percent marks in the 10th class. This girl cycled 24 kilometers daily to school and finally the hard work of this girl has paid off. 15-year-old Roshni Bhadoria has been inspired by the marks obtained in the 10th and due to this she has started preparing for her further studies. She wants to pursue a career in civil service.

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Roshni's father is a farmer. Talking about the marks obtained by his daughter, he said that he is proud of his daughter and will now arrange for a vehicle for his daughter to go to school. Roshni lives in Ajnol village of Bhind in Chambal, Madhya Pradesh.

Roshni has secured 98.57 per cent marks, finishing 8th in the 10th examinations of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education. Please tell the results of Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has been released on Saturday. Roshni's father told PTI that "till the 8th, her daughter was in another school where there was a bus facility but after that Roshni was admitted to a government school in Mehgaon, which is 12 km from Ajnol. Also, there is no vehicle facility to go there.

He said, "Roshni was admitted in 9th class to a government school in Mehgaon and due to lack of vehicle facilities, Roshni had to go by bicycle to reach the school." Roshni's father said, Will arrange for a vehicle to take him to school.

Roshni also has two brothers. Talking about his daughter getting good marks, Roshni's father said that everyone in Ajnol is very happy because till date no one has got such good numbers in the village. When Roshni was asked about her school experience, she said, "It was difficult to go to school by bicycle." I have not counted, but I used to cycle to school for 60 to 70 days in a year. When my father had time, he himself used to take me to school on his motorcycle many times.

Roshni said that she wants to take the examination of silive service and wants to become an IAS. Principe of the government school of Mehgaon also wished Roshni.


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