MP Bhopal Coronavirus Covaxin Vaccine First Day Trial Update; Seven People Vaccinated Including Farmers And Teachers | 60% of seniors who have been given cocaine on the first day of trial; Dose given to Bhopal business couple as well

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  • MP Bhopal Coronavirus Covaxin Vaccine First Day Trial Update; Seven People Vaccinated Including Farmers And Teachers

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Bhopal7 minutes agoAuthor: Sumit Pandey

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Corona vaccine trial started on Friday at People’s Medical College in the capital Bhopal. The team of People’s Counselors counseling the first volunteer.

  • 18 people registered on the first day, only 7 people were vaccinated due to prolonged process

Trial of Corona vaccine Kovaxin in Bhopal started on Friday at People’s Medical College. On the first day, 18 people registered with their consent to get the vaccine. Out of these, only 7 people could be given the vaccine dose.

Now the rest of the people will be given the vaccine the next day. Elderly number is in it. Those who get the vaccine include a doctor, teacher, farmer and businessman and a woman. It also has 4 elderly farmers of Ratua Bankhedi village. That is, 60% of the vaccine went to the account of the people of the same village.

The trial process started on Wednesday, the next day, on Thursday, the People’s Hospital prepared about 50 volunteers to get vaccinated, but when volunteers were called before the trial started on Friday, more than half of the people were vaccinated. Not ready to install.

He refused to look forward. After this, the number further reduced until registration. Eventually, only 18 people registered the name. By 6 in the evening, only 7 people could be given their first dose of covaccine.

Vaccination room of Covaxon, where the vaccine is being administered.

Vaccination room of Covaxon, where the vaccine is being administered.

Two professors of People’s Medical College were also registered in this, but they were not vaccinated at present. Volunteers registered from Bagsevania, Kalpana Nagar, Bhavani Nagar, Luna Bhatti, Hoshangabad Road, Sabri Nagar, Bhanpur for getting the vaccine.

Shabri Nagar Bhanpur resident teacher told NewsBust India that I had read the news of the vaccine trial in NewsBust India, from here I decided that I would also get vaccinated. When asked if he was not scared before getting the vaccine. He said that did not work at all. The doctors and counselors here gave me great encouragement, which ended the fear in me.

The business couple from the city also came to install vaccines as volunteers. On the first day, this was the only couple who had come for vaccination by themselves. He said that we want more people to be inspired by getting our vaccine. His wife was the only woman who got vaccinated on the first day.

Routine will be written in diary everyday for three months

Dr. Raghavendra Gumasta, Principal Investigator of the vaccine trials being conducted in Peoples, said that the volunteers who are being given the vaccine dose. We will monitor them for one year. The process in this will be that a notebook has been given to volunteers for three months, in which they will write their routine every day. Based on this, the effect of the vaccine will be analyzed.

Kovacine has to be registered before getting vaccinated.

Covaxine has to be registered before getting vaccinated.

Five farmers from a village, four of whom got vaccinated

Five elderly farmers of Ratua Bankheri village arrived on the first day to get vaccinated. In this, all four elders were vaccinated except one. In addition to the teacher who got the first dose, it includes business spouses and four elderly farmers.

Dr. Anil Dixit, Dean of People’s Medical College, said that 7 people could be dosed on the first day. The first vaccine was administered at 2.50 pm. Since then, consecutive doses have been given, but the vaccine dose is being given only after the process is prolonged and consent is obtained. Getting consent is also very important. Volunteers can refuse us at the last moment if they want.

This is how the process of giving doses

  • Counseling After registration, the first counseling of volunteers takes place, in which two counselors have been appointed. During this 18-page content letter is filled.
  • Health Assessment- Here after the counseling, the health of the volunteers is thoroughly tested. Also do corona test. It has a team of two doctors and two nurses.
  • Vaccination The vaccine dose is finally applied after two processes. A doctor and four nurses have been engaged for this.


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