mother went to casts vote so policeman was carrying the baby in her lap heart touching photo goes viral


The mother had gone to vote, so the policeman was handling the child in her lap

Yesterday i.e. on Tuesday, a picture of a Andhra Pradesh police constable (Andhra Pradesh police constable) carrying a child went viral on social media. This picture is during the time when the child’s mother went inside the polling booth for voting.

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This photo has been shared with the official Twitter account of the Andhra Pradesh Police, in the photo you can see the uniformed soldier stationed outside the voting booth in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu), holding a one-month-old baby in his lap.

Humanitarian face of Andhra Pradesh Police in Tamil Nadu Elections. Anantapur (Anantapur) police constable posted for election 2021 picked up the crying child for a month until her mother returned from the voting booth, this picture has won the hearts of many.

The picture of the policeman is becoming increasingly viral on social media, people are very fond of this photo and are praising the policeman fiercely. “Oh God !! How good it is you have done a good job AP Police!” People reacted to the photo in this way.

Voting took place in more than 750 constituencies in four states and one union territory. The voting percentage recorded at 5 pm on Tuesday is as follows: Assam (78.94%), Kerala (69.95%), Tamil Nadu (63.47%), West Bengal (77.68%), and Puducherry (77.90%).


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